About Us

Company Profile

Oil Power is a brand operating since 2003 in GEAR PUMP manufacturing and well established company with excellent track record for the best customer satisfaction. Our Quality and service, competent in price has made as a one of the favorable source for many customers in domestic and globally.

Since our passion in hydraulic industry and with the support of the hydraulic expertise OILPOWER wanted to extend the product range from pump manufacturer to Directional control valves business with keen to be ahead with our product specifications to the products in present market segment, Know how accumulated through the consolidation of every small technical improvement and the experience obtained through our testing and applications in the field and desire to make a better product through innovative technical path.

We will always have the ambition to serve our customer through technical solutions with the highest quality and secure deliveries. We are dedicated to develop a close and open minded relation with our business friends. All our employees are professionally and highly committed to fulfill all tasks in order to please our customers. Making business should be based on trust and values.

Our Path

2003 Establishment of OIL POWER business started manufacturing of Gear pumps
2004 Developed Gear pump range up to 151 cc/rev
2005 Started Exporting of gear pump globally
2007 Started Joint venture marketing office in overseas & started trading of mobile control valves
2008 Export of Gear pump and mobile control valves globally by expansion with new business partners
2010 Developed new range of High pressure Gear pumps up to 300 bars
2013 Started Manufacturing of Helical Gear Pumps
2015 New Business ideas to start design and development of Mobile control valves
2016 Lounged Directional control valve

Business Concept

A targeted initiative that more than ever before puts the customer in the centre collaboration at the top and a focus on development. Flexibility, customization and product development are important key values for us here at Oil Power.

Integrity & Ethics

Oil power has character-based culture anchored by a set of universally accepted virtues.

Latest Updates

  • Engineering techniques

    prototype designing and the best state-of-the-art facilities help boost the reliability of OilPower.

  • Our products

    range from the smallest hydraulic cylinders and valves to gear pumps

  • At OilPower

    the unwavering focus towards ensuring the latest technology through our range of products


Oil Power has a simple ambition, making oil power the most competent, profitable, innovative brand, wherever it operates. To deal with our targets in order to serve customers worldwide in several market segments with a high performance product based on needs and with quality that engenders customer confidence.


Innovative ideas in hydraulic products to make an benchmark in the market segment through product innovation and flexibility for customer to operated to any application demand. With high motivated work force, rapid decision making, flexibility in organization to grow in close collaboration with you as our customer. In success, path to increase market shares together and profitability to invest in research and developments.

“We are not aiming at the future. We are already part of it”