Hydraulic Gear Pumps are too Perfect for Use in Home Elevators

You may be surprised to know that apart from the wide accepted applications of these hydraulic gearing pumps for the tasks like lifting massive loads and transportation, these can be used efficiently in a home elevator also. Some of the home elevators designed using power of hydraulic gear pumps need very little maintenance.

There are now manufacturers in India who are offering robust hydraulic gear pumps with low noise and maintenance to suit various other applications too. Based in Gujarat, Oil Power is one such manufacturer and exporter of hydraulic gear pumps that is well known all over the world for its state-of-the-art infrastructure and quality hydraulic products like gear pumps, cylinders, direction control valves, etc. A hydraulic gear pump generally uses oil for gearing the load efficiently.

Components of an elevator operated by a hydraulic gear pump
It is easy to get a home elevator that too operated by the best of the available hydraulic gear pumps available in the market. Some of the components necessary to have the same are the following ones.

  • Cylinder
  • Piston
  • Valve
  • Tank
Advantages of a home elevator operated by hydraulic gear pump
There are many advantages of such a home elevator that is operated by efficient hydraulic gear pumps and some of these are mentioned below.
  • No requirement of a dedicated head room or a deep pit to have a home elevator
  • No need of having a three phase power as these can be turn manually too in times of a power cut
  • Highly customizable according to the needs of disabled person for ease in mobility
  • Proves more economical in contrast to a conventional gear
When a home elevator operates what happens is that the fluid from the tank pass through a valve and reach the cylinder. This push the elevator up and after reaching a floor, a signal is sent to the pump and pump turn off. While descending, the elevator due to its massive weight naturally pushed the fluid back into the tank. To get a home elevator in your home operated by a hydraulic gear pumps, just choose the best one from the industry.